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Our services

Professional Business Webpage

We create your businesses’ webpage which serves as the hub of your internet presence that legitimizes your business.

Social Media Management

Build a following, and build your brand.
We’ll post engaging content on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Marketing Campaigns

Use SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and email lists to increase your sales.

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Our team

Shirley-Ann Templo
Marketing Director

Shirley-Ann Templo
Marketing Director

Emilio Dinson
Technical Director

Emilio Dinson
Technical Director

About us

Here at ‘Ilima Marketing, we aim to increase the amount of clients and profits of our business partners by producing and managing their online and social media presence. 


Sewing an ilima lei took countless hours and immense patience to produce. The ilima flower is rare to find and its petals are delicately thin, so efforts to intricately sew this lei for its receiver was a true sign of aloha. Also known as the “royal lei,” the ilima lei was proposedly worn for alii or high chiefs. Like the elegant and admired ilima flower lei, our business provides committed and dedicated personalized equity-focused services by binding together our business partners with their customer.


The internet and social media has become such an important resource for society. People love certainty. And customers want to know if a particular business is able to provide them with the adequate service that they seek. Oftentimes, customers go online in search of each potential business. When your information is online, your business has an advantage to bring in new clients. That is why having an online presence is necessary, it allows the customer to connect with your business.


Ilima Marketing is locally owned and managed by co-founders Emilio Dinson and Shirley Templo. We strive to be your online and social media liaison. Contact us today for your free business consultation.